Month: September 2019

Chicago Divorce and Property Division

“She took him to the cleaners!” “He got everything, left her without a penny!” “…and she got half of his business!” Chicago Divorce and Property Division Without a doubt, you’ve heard someone speak of the property division in their own or a friend’s divorce in extremes, much like these quotes. And it may understandably make […]

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Chicago divorce lawyers discuss uncontested divorce

Chicago Divorce Lawyers discuss uncontested divorce The Chicago divorce lawyers of Ward Family Law, LLC handle cases in a wide variety of contexts – from collaborative law to mediation to litigation. We also handle uncontested divorces. Chicago Uncontested Divorce (also known as the agreed divorce or friendly divorce) Our legal team of Chicago divorce lawyers […]

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Relocation of Children in Chicago Divorce Cases

Life goes on after divorce. Children get older and their needs and schedules change, parents’ new relationships bring new priorities and the introduction of a new adult into the children’s lives, and some parents are promoted and take on new responsibilities and time commitments at work while others lose their position and are unexpectedly out […]

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