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  • Non-Marital Property

    What is non-marital property? In general terms, all individually-held property which includes assets, debts, and other obligations of either spouse that were acquired prior to the marriage is presumed to be the non-marital property of that party. The definition of non-marital property includes the following items of property: Property acquired by gift, legacy, or descent […]

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  • Contested Cases

    What are contested cases? A contested case is one in which a spouse does not respond to the divorce notice, or asserts that certain issues need to be resolved prior to agreeing to the terms and conditions of the divorce. What are the possible issues that may need to be resolved in contested cases? Spousal […]

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  • Allocation Judgements

    What are allocation judgements? Allocation judgements are the judicial allocation of parental responsibilities in cases of divorce for couples with children. To a large extent, allocation judgements are determined by a proposed parenting plan submitted by both spouses to the judge. The parenting plan, which allocates significant decision-making responsibilities should usually be submitted within 120 […]

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  • Guardian Ad Litem/Child’s Representative

    A child representative is an attorney for the parties’ child(ren) that advocates what the child representative finds to be in the best interests of the child(ren) after reviewing the facts and circumstances of the case. The child representative is required to meet with the child(ren) and the parties, investigate the facts of the case, and […]

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  • Collaborative Law

    Parties to a divorce do not always have to be adversaries devoting their precious time and money to contentious litigation. Collaborative law is an innovative method for how to approach a divorce, as it enables the parties to resolve their disputes and end their marriage with minimal court involvement.

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  • Divorce, which is formally know as Dissolution of Marriage

    Divorce (the action or instance of legally dissolving a marriage) in Illinois is referred to as Dissolution of Marriage and is categorized as a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce.  Ward Family Law, LLC represents clients of various personal and professional backgrounds with each client having their own unique issues and concerns, but all are going through the same divorce process.  With Jennifer R. Ward, Esquire leading the way on your case you have legal counsel with extensive law school classroom teaching, professional lecturing, publishing, negotiation and courtroom experience, which provides clients with well-rounded representation.

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  • Dissolution of Civil Union and Same-Sex Marriages: LGBTQIA

    The historic United States Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges decided in 2015 that marriage is no longer limited to heterosexuals. This expands the same rights and responsibilities to the LGBTQ community concerning marriage and divorce as those of a heterosexual marriage.  However, there are unique challenges in LGBTQ marriages, particularly when minor children are involved. Ward Family Law, LLC has been an ongoing advocate for these basic rights and is well-versed in understanding and working through the complications that may arise.

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  • Child Support

    Parents are obligated to provide financial support for their minor children, oftentimes in the form of child support and/or contribution to child-related expenses.  Ward Family Law, LLC works closely with clients at the onset of their case to obtain the full financial disclosure of both parties to be able to properly and accurately calculate child support under the guidelines provided by Illinois law.

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  • Parental Responsibility, previously known as Child Custody and Visitation

    Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, formerly known as child custody in Illinois, refers to the care, maintenance, and control of a minor child.  Ward Family Law, LLC has represented many clients through custody cases and witnessed, first-hand, the impact of custodial conflict and work closely with clients to achieve the best results under the law.  The law now requires that the court make determinations regarding “Parental Responsibility” rather than “Child Custody.” The law defines parental responsibility as including two factors: decision-making responsibilities and parenting time.  We fully understand the importance that your child or children have in your life and we make it a priority for our clients to achieve the results that they believe are in the child’s best interest, for allocation of decision-making and parenting time.

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  • Paternity Cases, also known as Parentage Cases

    In the cases where a man and woman are not married and have a child, a paternity (or parentage) case is applicable.  The court has the power to determine parentage, legally, establishing who a child’s father is or is not under the law.  The court will also address all other relevant issues pertaining to the child under Illinois law, as many of the laws that apply to divorcing couples are the same for non-married parents as it applies to their minor children. 

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