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Counter-Filing for divorce against your spouse

When you are served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the Petition should come with a Summons indicating you must appear in the case and write a written response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. However, did you also know that you have a right to file your own Petition for Dissolution of […]

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The Top Seven Chicago Divorce Basics

(1) You or your spouse must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 days and separate from each other for a specific length of time. (2) Consult with and select an attorney that can meet your needs and expectations. (3) To initiate an action, your attorney will prepare and file a Petition for Dissolution […]

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Divorce and College Education Costs for the Children

The scope, extent and amount of a parent’s obligation to contribute to a child’s post-high school college education are oftentimes a source of uncertainty and anxiety for families of divorce. The uncertainty and anxiety for many could be due to the soaring costs of college tuition, ACT and SAT tutoring, college preparation courses, the application […]

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Divorcing Parents: Parent Education Course Completion

What is parent education? Parenting education programs seek to provide parents with the information and skills necessary to promote healthier communication with each other and their children and reduce the amount of litigation and conflict between parents going through divorce or separation proceedings. Illinois law requires all parents of minor children involved in any action […]

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The 14 Factors in Determining a Maintenance Award

When the court is determining whether or not a party is entitled to maintenance (which is also known as alimony or spousal support), the court will consider all of the below relevant factors: (1) the income and property of each party, including marital property apportioned and non-marital property assigned to the party seeking maintenance as […]

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Money Can’t Buy You Love?

An academic study of American marriages found that among newlyweds of similar income, education and race, those with “flashier” weddings were more likely to get divorced.  Well, what do you think constitutes a flashy wedding?  According to a post in The Economist, “your wedding is meant to be one of the happiest days of your […]

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Announcement of Ward Family Law, LLC: Welcome to the team, Tania K. Harvey!

WARD FAMILY LAW, LLC is proud to announce a new addition to our team! Please welcome Tania K. Harvey, who ​has exclusively practiced in the matrimonial and family law field for over 14 years, which experience includes court appointments as a child representative and guardian ad litem along with earning her certificates in mediation and […]

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Jennifer R. Ward of Ward Family Law, LLC is proudly also an Adjunct Professor for the #6 ranked law school for Legal Writing in the Country by US News & World Report, 2019

The John Marshall Law School’s Legal Writing, Trial Advocacy and Intellectual Property Law programs have once again been ranked among the nation’s best in the 2019 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools. John Marshall is one of the few law schools in the country to receive top 20 specialty rankings in three areas. […]

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Fast, Finalized Divorce: Top 7 Tips

The Divorcerer Speaks Fast, Finalized Divorce: Top 7 Tips I often receive calls inquiring how quickly I can get a divorce finalized and the answer is always the same – that is entirely up to the parties seeking the divorce. Why? Are you both prepared to commence divorce proceedings? If so, are you both in […]

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The Initial Consultation Conundrum

The Divorcerer Speaks:  The Initial Consultation Conundrum I provide a free initial consultation to prospective clients for many reasons.  There is the obvious initial determination:  are we discussing a matrimonial or family law issue?  If so, there are many things we must also consider before we can contemplate my legal representation. Compatibility. Strategy. Objectives. Goals. […]

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