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“Temporary Relief” during a pending Chicago Divorce Case

In most cases, a divorce is not an instantaneous action. The decision to file for divorce sets in motion a process, the result of which will eventually be the finalization of the divorce as evidenced by a comprehensive divorce decree. However, in contrast to other types of litigation which are focused on a single, solitary […]

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Tania Harvey participates in a live panel for “Getting Split Ready”

Ward Family Law, LLC is proud to announce that Tania Harvey is participating in a live panel for “Getting SplitReady.” Join Tania for an unscripted and honest discussion with other experts on a panel of top professionals and thought leaders about divorce and separation. Divorce is not an event, it is a process and, like […]

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Consensual Dispute Resolution in Chicago Divorce Cases

Divorce proceedings can take many forms – every case is different and every party to a divorce is different. Whether the issues involve complicated or straightforward assets, several children or no children at all, there are several different methods that the parties can employ to cross the finish line, and frequently, a single divorce proceeding […]

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Just in Case? Premarital Agreements and Chicago Divorce

Put simply, marital property is accumulated during a marriage and divided upon divorce. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act governs what property is deemed marital, and what factors are to be considered by the court in dividing said property. While these laws purport to be as clear as possible in an effort to […]

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Dissipation in Chicago Divorce: using marital funds for non-marital purposes

Division of marital property is an expected part of divorce. During the marriage, parties accumulate marital assets and marital liabilities, and these must all be allocated to one party or the other upon the conclusion of the proceeding. Pursuant to the terms of the parties’ divorce decree, whether by order of court or agreement of […]

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The Aftermath of Chicago Divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce or are in the beginning stages of a pending divorce, you are likely looking forward to the end of the process but you may not have contemplated the actual logistics of the eventual separation. While it is obvious that you and your spouse will divide your assets and debts […]

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Chicago Divorce and Property Division

“She took him to the cleaners!” “He got everything, left her without a penny!” “…and she got half of his business!” Chicago Divorce and Property Division Without a doubt, you’ve heard someone speak of the property division in their own or a friend’s divorce in extremes, much like these quotes. And it may understandably make […]

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Chicago divorce lawyers discuss uncontested divorce

Chicago Divorce Lawyers discuss uncontested divorce The Chicago divorce lawyers of Ward Family Law, LLC handle cases in a wide variety of contexts – from collaborative law to mediation to litigation. We also handle uncontested divorces. Chicago Uncontested Divorce (also known as the agreed divorce or friendly divorce) Our legal team of Chicago divorce lawyers […]

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Relocation of Children in Chicago Divorce Cases

Life goes on after divorce. Children get older and their needs and schedules change, parents’ new relationships bring new priorities and the introduction of a new adult into the children’s lives, and some parents are promoted and take on new responsibilities and time commitments at work while others lose their position and are unexpectedly out […]

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Chicago Divorce Lawyers Discuss the Financial Affidavit

Obtaining full and complete financial disclosure by both sides is a key component to the family law practice. It allows both sides to acknowledge a full understanding and receipt of information and documentation relative to income, assets and liabilities. There are many ways to obtain this information; while some parties exchange financials voluntarily, others are […]

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